Google Account and Portfolio Setup

Time Estimate: 15-45 minutes

Here are the list of steps you need to do to get set up:
  1. Get a Google account (e.g., Gmail).
  2. If instructed by your instructor, create and customize a portfolio and share the link to your portfolio with your teacher

Google Account

In order to build apps with App Inventor you will need a Gmail account. If you don't already have an account visit the Google Signup Form and follow the instructions there for setting up an account.

Your Mobile CSP Portfolio

We encourage you to keep a Mobile CSP Portfolio of your work. This could be a folder of documents perhaps on Google drive or on Google Classroom or a Google website. The portfolio is a good place to share ideas and to present our apps and other work, also known asĀ computational artifacts. For each app that you build you will be asked to create a document or web page that describes your app and gives visitors links to download and run your app. For non-programming lessons you will be asked to answer questions about a reading or to share your reflections about a contemporary issue such as "Privacy".

By the end of this course you will be very skilled at creating and maintaining your own portfolio. Your portfolio will be one way to express yourself, be creative, and "Show your stuff!"

Google Classroom and Google Drive

If your school uses Google Classroom, your teacher may ask you to post your portfolio question documents and projects on Google Classroom instead of creating a Google Sites Portfolio. You can make your own copy of the Google documents following the links in the Portfolio Reflection Questions section at the end of each lesson. (Teachers can copy and post the Google folder of questions on their school LMS).

Google Sites Portfolio

If your teacher asks you to create a Google Sites portfolio, follow the directions below. To get started watch and follow the video or follow the written steps below:

(Teacher Tube Version)

With each Google account, you get access to Google Sites at where you can build simple websites. Google sites has two different kinds of sites: Classic and New. We are using Classic sites here which allow copying of template websites. We have prepared template websites that you can use to quickly set up your Mobile CSP portfolio. Follow the directions below,

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Gmail account.
  2. Go to the mobilecsp2018-2019 sites template and click on the blue button in the upper right that says USE TEMPLATE. This template has all the portfolio reflection questions built in as well as some helpful links. Another option is the blank mobilecspstudentportfolio template if you'd like to create your own pages.
  3. Name your site using a unique, descriptive name, such as "Chris Jones' Mobile CSP Portfolio"
  4. Type in the captcha code shown (if one is provided).
  5. Click the red "CREATE" button and wait for your site to load.

Customize your site

Spend some time customizing your site. Click on the pencil button to edit the home page and then click on the About Me page on the left and click on the pencil to edit it. Try the Insert menu at the top to insert a photo.

To edit the text in the left side bar, click on the Settings gear on the top right and choose Edit site Layout and then click on each section you want to edit (for example, where it says Your Name here.

Here are some helpful links for customizing your site:

A Link to Your Portfolio

When you have completed this lesson, please change the Shared settings of your portfolio from Public to Anyone With the Link Can Access. Lastly, use the Gmail account that you created to send your instructor a link to your portfolio.