Blown to Bits (BB)

Computing has transformed our lives in so many ways. And mobile computing, where we are constantly connected to others and to the world via our mobile devices, is challenging us right now to come with new norms about privacy, security, the ownership or openness of data and information, and other issues.

Like any technology, mobile computing has both positive and negative impacts. We need to reflect on these impacts in general and we also think about the impacts we will create as we build our own mobile apps.

One way we will be addressing these issues in this course is by reading and discussing Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion. The book is available entirely online with a separate PDF file for each chapter. You can access the website for the book by clicking the book image to the left.

In addition to the book, we will also be reading about current news and events — as well as asking you to bring in news you find!

B2B Chapter Assignments:

  • Unit 2 - Chapter 1: Digital Explosion: Why Is It Happening, and What Is at Stake?
  • Unit 3 - Chapter 3: Ghosts in the Machine: Secrets and Surprises of Electronic Documents
  • Unit 4 - Chapter 2: Naked in the Sunlight: Privacy Lost, Privacy Abandoned
  • Unit 5 - Chapter 4: Needles in the Haystack: Google and Other Brokers in the Bits Bazaar
  • Unit 6 - Chapter 6: Balance Toppled: Who Owns the Bits?
  • Unit 7 - Chapter 5: Secret Bits: How Codes Became Unbreakable